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What would you do? Cross the desert when they came for you?
What would you say? Would you stay?
With your child in harm's way?
Who is to say, who is to stay, on this land, on this Earth?
Whatever you do, to the least of these you do to me

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HobArt Goulart is a singer/songwriter and comedian originally born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His songs and comedy performances deal with his experiences living as an undocumented immigrant in the USA for eight years. Now a US citizen, HobArt's work embodies traits that all hard-working immigrants bring to this country: resilience, cleverness and a go-getter attitude.
HobArt's music encompasses several styles from Bossa Nova and samba to Pop and R&B, paying homage to all immigrants, refugees and other minority groups anywhere in the world.

Street performances

Musical performances during street festivals (kid friendly)

No street performances


to May

No street performances during the winter. 

I am from the tropics

Too cold!!





First Parish Brookline Unitarian Universalist

"What would you do?" with a showing of  short movie "Brave" by JF Silva

7 to 9 pm

Brookline, MA


My goal is to, every time I compose and perform a song, or a comedy routine, to connect people to each other  and make them reflect


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